Technology Education
SmartLab is a learning lab which features interactive content and programs designed to help students explore and learn more about the technology that they’ll need to compete in the workforce after graduation.  The SmartLab is essentially a turn-key, fully integrated classroom which comes with all the hardware, software, furniture, and scientific and media equipment needed. Due to SmartLab’s flexible design, your organization can easily customize the size and scope of the program. In the SmartLab, your students can explore any of a number of topics, including computer graphics, robotics, science, and even publishing.

Vocational Education
Mastercam is the premiere CAD/CAM design program on the market. The company was founded in 1983 and has continued to be one of the most trusted PC-aided design and manufacturing producers in the world. What makes this software perfect for vocational instruction is not only that it is a comprehensive program, which allows for complete CAD/CAM from start to finish, but also that the student will likely use this program once they are on the job. Mastercam has various product levels such as design, which offers 3D creation, router, art applications, etc.

Technology Furnishings
Because much of modern technological work requires sitting for long periods of time in front of a computer and at a desk, it is important that the furnishings in any technological setting be both durable and comfortable. Interior Concepts is our go-to manufacturer for workplace furniture because of their affordable and durable workstations. Offering modular stations, which the client can mix and match to their specifications, Interior Concepts offers one of the best values in the technology furnishings market.