High Country Technology Consultants, LLC.

When it comes to high-tech products for your school or educational institution, High Country Technology Consultants, LLC. (HCTC) is your go-to provider.  We specialize in educational solutions that meet the areas of Technical and Industrial Education, as well as School-to-Career programs.  Whether you are looking for a laser engraver to be used by middle school students or a 3D printer for prototyping projects by a wide range of students, we can help.  We also offer training that focuses on the products used in S.T.E.M. schools and those institutions teaching about the latest in green technology.

HCTC provides services to public and private institutions throughout Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming.  We also represent and support select manufacturers of products used in programs ranging from automotive and engineering to electronics and manufacturing.

When you call on HCTC, we can help you create customized solutions for your unique technical training needs.  We use our state-of-the-art products which include laser engravers, 3D printers, engineering, electronics, automotive, CAD/CAM software, and furniture/ workstations, to assist you with creating the very best solutions for your program and technological needs.

To find out how we can best meet your technology and equipment needs, feel free to contact us, we’d love to help.

  • Pictured above, the Epilog Laser Fusion 32, left; and a laser engraved Aztec calendar, right.

  • Pictured above, Fortus F370

  • Pictured above, a part manufactured using the MasterCam Educational Suite

  • Pictured above BenchMill 6000 with 4 position automatic tool changer