Public and private educational institutions, as well as those seeking further training in these fields, can stay abreast of High Country Technology Consultants’ information, products, programs and other items of interest through several means.

First of all, our ongoing blog frequently delivers industry items of interest to our followers. We delve into problems, issues and solutions that affect technological industrial and vocational areas throughout Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. Our blog is a great place to stay abreast of current trends, troubleshoot problems, find solutions, discover new approaches, and leave comments and ideas.

Our event calendar is another source of information for those interested in technological industrial and vocational training and events. Here you can keep up-to-date on classes, training sessions, expos, meetings and other events surrounding both the activities of High Country Technology Consultants and those seeking our solutions.

Further information concerning our products can be found in our gallery. Here we often showcase projects from our customers’ students.  You’ll find not only photos of award-winning prototypes but you’ll also find photos of our most recent trade shows and exhibits.

Be sure to tune into HCTC information, events and activities through one or more of our informative sources. Together we can build a better future through the technological industrial and vocational training of Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming students.