eco|cad Design Group creates renewable teaching aids for use in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classrooms using environmentally friendly architectural and electro-mechanical design with renewable energy and real-time energy monitoring.




Assemble and Wire

Beginning with pre-cut acrylic plastic parts, students learn basic mechanical assembling skills when starting with the ecoSTEM HouseTM. Next, students learn how to wire and connect the roof’s solar panels, rechargeable batteries, LEDs for lighting and cooling fans.

Then, students will wire coils and design blades to assemble the Wind Turbine, which can be used to power the lights and fans of the House. Students can charge the SuperCAP Electric Car using battery, wind or solar power and have competitions racing it. With the various gear ratios they will learn how to choose the correct gearing for torque and speed.




Just giving students something to design and build is not enough; it must be accompanied with experiments that teach students how to test out their models for real world situations.

The ecoSTEM HouseTM Experiment Manual includes in depth experiments with solar panels, wind turbines, gearing ratios, rechargeable batteries, LEDs and fan loads – all with the real-time energy monitoring software showing how voltage, current and power are affected when lights and fans are connected to solar panels and wind turbine power sources.



Design and Implement

The most compelling aspect of the ecoSTEM HouseTM Collection is the ability for students to redesign it to their own liking. Using a variety of computer aided design (CAD) software and our detailed plans, it’s easy and fun for students to create their own model buildings and structures and then add the renewable energy devices for power.


The ecoSTEM HouseTM Collection gets students to think about their designs and proceed to build and test them on an affordable model scale.

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Assembly Instructions