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Advanced Manufacturing OverviewFMS


From rapid prototyping to production CNC machines, Intelitek offers a range of solutions for advanced manufacturing training. Our superior equipment is the gold standard in schools, universities and training facilities worldwide, and is recognized by leading organization like SkillsUSA and Project Lead The Way,

Intelitek provides complete training packages for each machine, including operating software, CAD/CAM software, manuals, curriculum, and a full range of tooling and machine accessories. Our standards-based curriculum features in-depth coverage of the manufacturing process from design to production. Projects simulate the entire production/change order process used in manufacturing environments, providing an authentic learning experience.




Our CIM and FMS systems are modular and flexible solutions for educating and training students in the principles and technologies of computer integrated manufacturing.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) system has several key components: an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), at least one automated workstation such as CNC machining, a continuous-loop conveyor, a central management control station, a TCP/IP communication network, and OpenCIM software.

Additional workstations can be added at any time for executing a variety of automated tasks, such as laser engraving, hydraulic and pneumatic device operation, process control, and quality control inspection.