Nida Corp.

nida-logoSince the company began in 1972, Nida Corporation has grown to become a world leader in the development, design, and installation of sophisticated electronics training systems. Born of the aerospace industry, Nida initially was challenged to meet the expanding and demanding requirements of military high-technology training. In the early 1980’s Nida was one of the first training development Companies to offer all of our courseware in Computer Assisted Instruction format. In the mid-nineties, Nida began providing performance-based technical training in a distance education format, linking training institutions with students in remote areas around the globe. Today, Nida Corporation is the pacesetter for the field of technical training. Nida training systems stand out as the first choice of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Nida is dedicated to meet the constantly changing world of advanced electronics training while remembering our roots by providing the very best in fundamental electronics training packages.


  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Maintenance: Motors and Motor Controls
  • Industrial Maintenance: PLCs
  • Manufacturing: Residential Wiring
  • Green Energy Systems

Systems Trainers- Product Featured: Nida Model 360S

nida-systems-trainerThe Model 360S Systems Trainer is designed to support the Nida systems-level computer-based training programs. These programs teach a systems thinking approach to troubleshooting technical systems. The 360S provides the platform for the practical exercises that demonstrate the operation and troubleshooting of generic technical systems. Students learn how inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback mechanisms of a system are analyzed to solve complex system discrepancies. The 360S comes with a basic systems card set that emulates technical systems functions to reinforce the concepts and troubleshooting principles learned throughout the basic systems program. The 360S supports a variety of systems programs including renewable energy, industrial processes, security, and biomedical technologies.

3600 Systems Trainer Card Set

The Model 3600 Basic Systems experiment card set is designed to emulate a generic technical system found in industry. Students view the system from the top down using a “systems thinking” approach to analyze and solve complex system discrepancies. Students explore how a system’s inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback mechanisms are interrelated and dependent upon one another while learning how to troubleshoot a generic system based on observation, block diagram interpretation, and the use of simple test equipment. The experiment card set includes manual and automatic system controls, monitoring and indication functions, open and closed feedback.