High Country Technology Consultants (HCTC) is a leading provider of technology products for technical, industrial and vocational education for institutions in both the public and private sectors. Serving Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming, we support and represent select manufacturers through the provision of various educational products. The specialized solutions that we provide cover such areas as S.T.E.M. Education, Technical, Vocational and Green Technology.  We even offer assistance to help you determine the best product, package, or learning environment required to meet the specific needs for your educational requirements.

Our innovative products are designed specifically for schools offering SmartLabs and FabLabs to provide students with the educational environment needed to compete in the 21st-Century workforce.  These include products from Mastercam, Epilog Laser and even Stratasys 3D printers.  Proper technological furnishings are also provided to students through our Modular, Economical Workstations by Interior Concepts so that students can learn and perform technological assignments adequately.

The technological solutions provided to educational institutions and government agencies allows students to acquire state-of-the-art skills from hands on learning and real-world prototyping that has only been made available to the public domain in recent years. Our specially designed workstations provide students with a customized, ergonomic and user-friendly environment from which to excel.

HCTC has its headquarters in Greeley, Colorado and is operated by Dan Ramseier, President, and Andy Ramseier, Vice President.